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What is the European Masonic Meeting?

An idea that was born in 2003 and has matured over the years, to fill the Masonic Brotherhood with life across borders and nations.

The EMM is an annual event that brings together Freemasons from Europe an beyond for a fraternal get-together and a special masonic lodge meeting. The regular lodge meeting is carried out in the rite of the inviting lodge. Brethren of all degrees and regular lodges cann attend and are welcomed with open arms.

The History - The Present - The Future

Starting with a small group of brethren with a European network, the EMM has grown into a Masonic institution that attracts brethren from various European countires and has also welcomed visitors from Australia, New Zealand, and North America as guests.

The focus is on the social exchange between brethren, experiencing a formative and special ritual together and strengthening the chain of brethren across borders and nations.

This year the honor of hosting the event will go to the venerable Provincial Lodge of Lower Saxony in Hamburg.

In our historic and magnificient lodge house, we will receive the brethren from Germany, Europe and the world.

True to the motto "Europe as a guest in Hamburg", we strive to offer our guests a unique, devotional and special EMM.

In the interests of the founders and initiators, we want to bring the spirit of brethenly togetherness beack into our lodges and let the small flame of the EMM become a beacon of Freemasonry.

It is our desire that brethren of all nations and styles of teaching welcome one another. Started in France, carried to Europe, we see the future of EMM as an opportunity for a global gathering of brethren.

In humility and gratitude and in anticipation of the meeting of the brethren.

So mote it be.

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